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2008-2009 Swim rates are 850.00 per year
With prior approval membership may be paid in two installments
450 .00 due at signing and 400.00 by Dec. 1
The Lakeland Swim Family got it's name from a wonderful group of individuals and the NJWAVE swim team who have dedicated themselves to it's birth AND continued life.Thanks to all of them, we are now in our third year. It is only because of these people that we can be PROUD to introduce the LAKELAND LANCERS SWIM CLUB. We continue to provide our swimmers with workable schedules so they may engage in other after school activities while still enjoying what many enjoy most - SWIMMING!
With LAKELAND REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL'S, cooperation, our swimmers will recieve ACADEMIC POINTS FOR JOINING OUR SWIM CLUB BEGINNING THIS YEAR. Lakeland Swim Family, which supports Lakeland Lancers Swim Club is A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION. We are currently accepting swimmers who attend LAKELAND REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, Wanaque, NJ.

Mon,Tues, Thurs. 5:30 - 7:00 PCTI Until Nov 15
8:00 - 9:30 PM Mon, Tues, Thurs.
Please stay tuned as schedule will vary at times
3 WEEKDAYS Mon, Tues, Thurs.
Swim Meets approx 2X month
COACH  Coach Kristen Bell  A Fully accredited US SwIm Coach
 TEAM MANAGER LAURA GRADY  8 Cedar Rd Ringwood, NJ 07456 


45 Reinhardt Road
WAYNE, NJ 07470
PCTI Directions

Please feel free to email or call me (973) 962-0665
Laura Grady - Lakeland Swim "Family" President