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Have you heard of the Northern Lights? Its scientific name is the Aurora Borealis. This natural light show is powered by interactions between the sun and Earth, and the glow that can be seen is from atoms and molecules from the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Aurora not only generate light but also generate an electrical current. Find the name of the pipeline in which 2000 amperes of electrical current generated by the aurora were measured. (Clue - if you get this one, you have earned your "induction" into the websearchers HALL OF FAME!)


Get ready to count, you're on your way. Try your best, and begin to play!

What is a "Light Year?"

It’s no ‘fluke’ that dolphins can swim very fast. READ about the way DOLPHINS swim. How are they born? Find out whether a dolphin’s tail moves SIDE TO SIDE or UP AND DOWN as it swims. There are TWO quiz games, Take them BOTH!,
But you have to find them FIRST!
Can you tell me the names of TWO creatures that live in the deepest parts of the ocean?

Test your skill, it's just a drill. Just play one game to earn your fame!
Our Earth...An Amazing place! Can you tell me how old it is?

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